How the ‘Fuller House’ cast celebrated Aunt Becky’s birthday, because you should know

Full House is back in full swing and Fuller House is officially in Netflix production. The sorta brand new series went into production last week, which means we are slowly inching toward having the Tanner family back in our lives. If we’re excited, you should see how excited the cast is. During their first week back, Aunt Becky celebrated a birthday and Danny, Jesse, Joey, D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, and Steve pulled out all the stops.

Tuesday marked Lori Loughlin’s 51st birthday, so her TV true love, John Stamos, brought her a bouquet of 51 beautiful red roses (looks like Bob Saget and Dave Coulier helped, too).

Stamos didn’t stop there, though. He decided to dedicate everything to Loughlin, and posted the best throwback photo of the couple together.

Then, in what I guess is a Katsopolis family tradition, Loughlin and Stamos chased each other around the set, letting their inner kids out.

And hey, speaking of kids, where are Aunt Becky and Uncle Jesse’s twin boys, Nicky and Alex? Every other family member is returning to Fuller House (including even POSSIBLY Michelle *crosses fingers*), so what about these two guys? Last we saw them, they were little tots. Well now, Nicky and Alex are all grown up, and it’s been confirmed that they’ll be back for Fuller House, too! Blake Tuomy-Wilhoit and Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit even signed a group birthday card to Loughlin, or as they call her, “mom.”

Um, the best. Can we come celebrate the next Fuller House birthday with you guys, too?

Wait, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen could STILL join ‘Fuller House’? Let’s. Do. This.

‘Fuller House’ is officially in production and another major character is definitely returning

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