Your August Tarot Card Reading, According to Your Zodiac Sign

It's time to step out of your comfort zone.

For this month’s tarotscope, there’s an overall longing for safety and comfort. The divine is calling for you to explore what “home” means to you and when to step outside of what’s familiar. Take this opportunity to leave your comfort zone and embrace the new and creative energy of August.

Find your sign’s personal tarotscope reading below.


august tarotscope, tarot card

Card: The Hermit (Reversed)

This month you’re re-emerging from a period of deep reflection. You know what direction you want to go in, and you have so much energy to invest in it. Take all the lessons you’ve learned from searching within yourself and apply them to your goals. The possibilities are endless, and your plans are going full steam ahead.


august tarotscope, tarot card

Card: Six of Pentacles (Reversed)

You’re feeling out of your comfort zone, but this is a good thing. Don’t be afraid to try new hobbies or ways of doing things this month. Accomplishing new tasks may seem scary at first, but you may find that you’ll discover new parts of yourself. A surprise awaits you as you expand the boundaries of your reality.


august tarotscope, tarot card

Card: Eight of Swords (Reversed)

Remember that life is short, Gemini. You only get so much time on this earth, and you’re long overdue for putting down your worries and embracing more love in your life. Create more space for the fun things this month. There will always be things to worry about—but don’t let them get in the way of your joy.


august tarotscope, tarot card

Card: Four of Pentacles (Reversed)

The universe is ready to shower you with rewards for all your hard work. You’ve been investing so much time and energy into creating a solid foundation for your life, and now it’s time to reap what you’ve sown. A new opportunity may present itself in work—but will you take it?


august tarotscope, tarot card

Card: Nine of Cups (Reversed)

This month the divine is calling for you to be more grounded. Your fiery and passionate energy is going to be more emphasized as you enter your season—but remember the need for balance. Try not to get too caught up in your own wants and needs; allow room for outside opinions. A change of scenery will serve you well.


august tarotscope, tarot card

Card: Nine of Pentacles

Working hard is important but so is connection. Isolation has been a theme for you lately, and it’s time to embrace your more social environments. Call up some friends and family members, and remember the important role that relationships play in your life. Work will be there when you get back.


august tarotscope, tarot card

Card: The Magician

You’re putting your cardinal energy to work. After a long period of seeing no movement, you finally have found a way to create the changes you wish to see in your life. Your energy has been refreshed, and you feel ready to create all sorts of new endeavors for yourself. Enjoy this time of fun and excitement. New projects await.


august tarotscope, tarot card

Card: The Hanged Man

As cycles end for you this month, you’ll find peace with letting go. You’ve finally gained insight that allows you to accept and release the past once and for all and move forward. And with this major completion, there will be a reward. Expect to see the world through new eyes.


august tarotscope, tarot card

Card: King of Swords (Reversed)

Reflection is key for you this month. You’re being asked to look within to find parts of yourself that you’ve pushed far away. Clearing out the old is necessary so that you can continue calling in fun and lighthearted energy. Whatever you do, don’t distract yourself from inner healing.


august tarotscope, tarot card

Card: Eight of Pentacles

Work is a natural focus for you, but what other things should you be focused on? This month there’s a need to place your determination and hard work on fewer tangible things in life. Relationships and love are demanding attention this month, calling for you to tap more into your emotions. Your feelings are worth exploring and expressing.


august tarotscope, tarot card

Card: The Star (Reversed)

This month has you feeling slow and unmotivated. You’re lacking hope in achieving your goals and see no end in sight to the stagnant energy you’re feeling. Remember that you have more control over your reality than you may think. Try taking up new projects to help reignite your passion and give yourself something exciting to look forward to. Break out of the mundane and allow yourself to experience the magic that’s all around you.


august tarotscope, tarot card

Card: Knight of Pentacles

It’s time to focus your energy to feel more grounded. You spent a lot of time daydreaming last month, and now it’s time to take action. Don’t get stuck in your head, Pisces. You’re now being called to turn your dreams into reality, one step at a time. Remember that patience and consistency will yield you results.

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