Rebel—then restore—with these Full Sturgeon Moon rituals

Ah, August—the final month of summer and the hottest month of the year. Come August 15th at 8:29 a.m. EDT, the Full Sturgeon Moon will peak in the early morning sky. And per usual, the full moon is packing a punch of good energy that we can put to use in the month ahead. Grab your books of shadows, journals, and to-do lists, kiddos. We’ve got a few Full Sturgeon Moon rituals you’re definitely going to want to try during the reign of August’s full moon.

This month, we’re all about going a bit harder than usual and then taking the necessary time to recover. Usher summer out with a bang while knowing that you have time to replenish your resources before the chill hits the air.

We’re still in Leo season, after all—so you might as well go all out and be loud and proud while you can. So, before the Full Sturgeon Moon hits the sky, get a good night’s sleep and prepare to party the heat away. Then, once you’ve expended your energy, relax and recenter. Ready to get your ritual on? Let’s do it.

Release your inner rebel.

The Full Sturgeon Moon is rising in Aquarius this month, which presents the perfect opportunity for you to go a little buck wild. As the Astro Twins write, “chief among the traits of an Aquarius is the fierce need for rebellion.” The air sign is ruled by Uranus, the planet of freedom and unique thought, and Saturn, the planet of discipline and limitation—which, yes, are pretty much polar opposites.

We’re definitely not telling you to rebel in a way that puts people in harm or damages property. Rather, do something that’s outside of your comfort zone.

If you’ve always wanted to go skydiving, now is the time. Salsa dancing? Go for it. Dyeing your hair neon pink? Do it. Even if your act of rebellion is posting an out-of-character thirst trap on Instagram, we support you all the way. In fact, let’s all post a thirst trap on Instagram during the Full Sturgeon Moon. A sexy selfie never hurt anyone.

Tap into Aquarius’ need to be an individual and break from the norm. Get your friends involved, too. Aquarius loves to be surrounded by their network of people, so if you’re feeling a bit nervous about being the rebel you know you want to be, get that emotional support.

Seek your destiny.

On August 1st, ancient Celts, and later English folk, would celebrate Lughnassadh (or “Lammas” in English), the celebration of the harvest. August’s full moon was sometimes called the harvest moon, because it was during this time of year where veggies, fruits, and grains ripened and were ready to be collected.

During the harvest moon, English women sometimes took part in an old ritual that was said to predict their destiny. If you’re into ancient lore and old rituals, this is a fun ritual to try out.

First, as D.J. Conway recounts in her book, Moon Magick, women would collect a key, a ring, a flower, a sprig of willow, a small piece of cake, a crust of bread, the 10 of clubs, the 9 of hearts, the ace of spades, and the ace of diamonds. They’d wrap these items in a scarf and place the bundle under their pillow. Before going to bed, they’d say:

Luna, every woman’s friend,

To me thy goodness condescend.

Let me this night in visions see

Emblems of my destiny.

If the women dreamed of storms, this symbol meant trouble was coming. If the storms ended, there would be a calm fate after struggle. Dreaming of a ring or the ace of diamonds meant marriage. Bread symbolized a good job; cake, prosperity; flowers, joy; willow, treachery in romance; spades, death; clubs, moving to distant lands; diamonds, money; keys, power; birds, many children; and dreaming of geese meant having more than one marriage.

Take time to rest and restore your energy.

We don’t know about you, but the heat really takes a lot out of us. And by mid-August, we’re feeling drained. That’s why we highly recommend using the Full Sturgeon Moon as an excuse to treat yourself to some much-needed R&R.

Natalie Zaman, a contributor to Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2019, recounts the folk story of the Restful Moon. The story is about a man who set out to collect firewood on the Sabbath Day even though he didn’t need to. An angel in disguise came to him and asked why he worked on the Sabbath. The man answered that all days are the same to him—why rest when you can continue to work? Because the man refused to rest, the angel sent him to the Moon, where all days are Mondays and work is ongoing.

Zaman recommends heeding the message of this tale. Don’t be like the man, and take time to rejuvenate yourself—whether that be on the Sabbath or on a Tuesday night. “It’s a necessity rather than a luxury,” Zaman writes. To center yourself in this moment of relaxation, head outside when the moon is high in the sky and repeat this meditation:

Restful Moon, restore, refresh,

That I may be my very best.

Do what you need to do to clear your mind and recenter yourself. Continue this practice after the peak of the Full Sturgeon Moon in order to maintain your peak wellness.

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