Audrina Patridge just posted the first photo of her daughter, Kirra

Since we first met her in The Hills, we’ve gotten to share a lot of precious (and not to mention dramatic) moments with Audrina Patridge. She’s always been amazingly open about sharing her life and we’ve love watching every moment of it.

And now that she has a little one,  she’s opening up even more and (finally!) sharing a picture of what her life is like with her sweet little girl, Kirra, in her life.

Fair warning: It’s adorable.

She looks positively glowing as she happily hovers over her baby’s little feet (in have little pink baby socks that are just so cute we can hardly stand it). Her gorgeous pram looks like the perfect way to take your little loved one for a beautiful stroll around the neighborhood. And from the genuine smile on her face, Audrina is loving every moment of it.

Her enthusiasm is not only clear from this stunning picture, but she also posted a positively charming blog post about the arrival of her precious Kirra Max Bohan.

But remember, when a baby comes along, pets can often feel a bit neglected. Although Audrina is understandably happily distracted by darling Kirra, we’re going to do our part by continuing our mild obsession with her pictures of her fur baby…

Aw, even those with hearts of stone and immunity to baby adorableness can’t help but get a little squeaky over how cute that little guy is. Since we, of course, have neither stone hearts/baby immunity, we’re currently in a total cuteness coma over here.

Here’s to more photos of Audrina Patridge’s little ones, both fur and human alike!