Why this little girl dancing with the Rockettes is bringing us to tears

Audrey Nethery is only six-years-old, but she’s already made a name for herself on the internet as one of the most adorable, dedicated dancers there ever was. The Kentucky resident went viral performing a Zumba routine, and her fan base exploded — she’s amazing! But it’s not just her moves that set Audrey apart, it’s also her indomitable spirit.

Audrey has a rare syndrome called Diamond-Blackfan anemia (DBA). Because of the disorder, her bone marrow can’t produce red blood cells, which causes extreme anemia. At six years old, Audrey has had over 20 blood transfusions. 50% of people with DBA receive blood transfusions as often as once a month.

The good news is that DBA doesn’t stop Audrey from dancing. She recently appeared on The Rachael Ray Show and not only performed an adorable number, but had Radio City’s The Rockettes as backup dancers!

Look at that attitude. Anytime you need a boost of self-confidence, just channel little Audrey.

Most people would be super intimidated to be performing with one of the most famous dance groups in the world, but Audrey not only keeps her cool, she totally rocks the routine.

She even did The Rockette’s signature move: the eye-high kick!

You can check out the full video below. Warning: you might want to grab some tissues. Audrey’s parents are in the audience and when the camera focuses on their proud faces, the tears will flow.


(Image from The Rachael Ray Show.)