Now you can skip ahead to the steamy part of your favorite romance novel with Audible’s newest, um, package

One of the best parts of reading bodice ripper books is, well, the passionate bodice ripping love-making scenes. Fortunately, Audible totally gets it. They just introduced “take me to the good part,” a feature that will skip ahead to the sexiest parts of audiobooks so you no longer have to trudge through all 50 shades. The skipping feature is only available through the Audible Romance Package, which offers over 10,000 steamy titles.

For starters, its audiobook library extensive. But it also promises the “steamiest” narrators’ voices to their audiences. Whether you’re planning to read Chad Michael Murray’s romance novel or you’re into classic romantic literature with just a few titillating scenes, the Audible Romance Package will make sure you get right to the climax — or if you’re lucky, climaxes.

It’s about time that this service was made available, really. Considering that technology allows you to replace pictures of Harvey Weinstein with pugs in space, we should be able to skip to the steamy parts in romance novels. Why should we have to listen to the parts that describe the protagonist’s neighbors or any mentioning of the weather? If the only temperature you’re concerned with is the hot breath from the someone’s mouth on someone else’s neck, that should be the only mentioning of degrees-Fahrenheit you have to endure. It is 2017, and you should be able to listen to the parts of your audiobook that you want.

Because sometimes we really just need some steamy romance, and we need it now! No shame.

The Audible Romance Package offers other ways in which you can make sure your listening experience is exactly what you want too.

On Audible’s website, you can search through their thousands of titles based on Character Types, Story Themes, and Steaminess. The Steaminess options start at “sweet” which, though still romance, is less about the big moment than it is the lead-up. The book Carol by Patricia Highsmith is in this category, for example.

The other Steaminess levels include “sizzling,” “simmering,” “hot damn,” and “o-o-omg.”

Now that sounds like quite the listening experience.

If you’re looking for some “o-o-omg” level books to read, check out Nervous by Zane, or Kade’s Dark Embrace by Kym Grosso. Of course, if you want to skip full steam ahead to the sexiest parts, you’ll have to sign up. The Audible Romance Package costs $14.95/month (or $6.95/month for Audible and Kindle Unlimited members). Not bad considering the possibilities. Best of all, your first month is free.

Happy listening!

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