Aubrey Plaza *perfectly* stares into your soul in this brand new “Legion” trailer

We’ve been excited for Legion since it was first announced. Centering around David Haller — a character who, in the Marvel Comics universe, is the son of Professor Charles Xavier — the series will explore a character coping with mental illness and mutant powers- when he doesn’t even know mutants exist.

The show, which will premiere on FX in 2017, follows Haller (played by Dan Stevens) a man who has struggled with mental illness since being diagnosed as schizophrenic as a teenager. However, Haller realizes that the voices he hears and visions he sees might be real after an encounter with another patient makes him question the life he’s known.

If you’re already excited, get ready, because now there’s a brand new short trailer for the show…and it’s odd. But, odd in a good way! In fact, the actual title of the promo is — we kid you not — “WTF.”

In it, Stevens sits next to costar Aubrey Plaza; both stare perplexedly at another man who is staring into space with an impressive amount of drool dripping from his mouth. Stevens begins to turn to Plaza, who continues to stare — just as the video cuts to a close.

Was it weird? Yes. Did we watch it several times? For sure. Do we know more about the show than we did before? Nope. But we do know, the promo has piqued our interest, and we’re even more excited for Legion than we were before.

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