Aubrey Plaza explains exactly how to watch the new Grumpy Cat movie

Ever since the trailer for Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever firsthit the Interwebz, we’ve been simultaneously super-psyched about the movie and uber-curious about a few specifics of the Lifetime film. First for the excitement: A Grumpy Cat movie? This is the bizarre kind of stuff that holiday classics are made of. For me, the weirder the plot, the better the Christmas movie — Rudolph’s Shiny New Year, HELLO! Also, Aubrey Plaza is the purrrr-fect voice for our favorite grumpy pet. But onto the curiosity, how is an Internet meme going to translate into a full-fledged film?

Well, in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Plaza had some answers for us. She also had a tip for how we could best enjoy the film: With wine. Plaza joked that the movie had so many levels of irony, she couldn’t understand them all. This coming from the woman who brings April Ludgate to life!

And, yes, apparently the film may be as odd and fun as we thought. Channeling her inner April, she noted that the movie is a little strange, but that seems to be a compliment. “It’s really the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen — it’s so confusing,” she said as an endorsement. “You should see it.”

You bet we will.

Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever airs Saturday, Nov. 29 on Lifetime.

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