Logan is filming “Gilmore Girls” ​*right now*​ & is posting pics to prove it

Right now, on the Warner Bros. Lot, deep in the heart of Burbank, California, Stars Hollow is HAPPENING and Logan Huntzberger is THERE. A few new pictures have popped up online of Matt Czuchry, the third champion of Rory Gilmore’s heart, around the set, and if you thought we were going to stop freaking out about Gilmore Girls anytime soon, you were wrong. We’re going to keep freaking out until these four brand new episodes come into our life.


Czuchry not only took a picture of an ~official~ Gilmore Girls chair, but the ~official~ Stars Hollow High School — which probably looks familiar, because that’s also Rosewood High School from Pretty Little Liars. The Warner Bros. lot sure does get around.


Thanks to one of Logan’s Life and Death Brigade buddies, Finn (played by Tanc Sade) we’ve also got a picture of the two of them together.

If you need a Logan and Finn refresher, here’s a your quick #TBT for the day.


There’s no indication as to how long Czuchry has been filming, or will still be filming, or even if Rory is there. But we know with 100% certainty he’s there, and that’s enough to keep us happy for more. We’ll continue to keep you updated on any more Very Important Logan Updates that come our way.

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