Attention World: There Is a Real-Life Cat Rock Band

Remember the Portlandia episode where a cat joins an indie rock band? If you don’t, you probably get the gist and you also probably get why we’d totally listen to that band IRL. That may have a been a joke, but what we’re about to tell you is dead serious.

Former zookeeper Samantha Martin has recruited a cat band called The Rock Cats. That’s right, the rock cats are an actual all-cat band. Well, “all-cat band” might be a slight misnomer—the Rock Cats are aided by a chicken on percussion (Cluck Norris) and occasional rodent friends.

Fronted by Tuna on the cowbell and supported by Dakota, Sookie, Nue, Pinky, and Fiji, the Rock Cats perform various kitty-friendly cover songs. CATS PLAYING INSTRUMENTS, PEOPLE. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

Martin’s animal jug band is part of a larger “cat circus” she’s taken on the road—in an attempt to prove that furry felines, (unlike their canine brothers) can in fact learn new tricks. Martin along with her 13 assorted rescue cats (and one kitten!) form ‘The Amazing Acro Cats.

“The cats roll barrels, push shopping carts, jump through hoops, do long jumps, high jumps, ring bells and even play in an all-cat band called The Rock Cats,” Martin told NBC9 News.

While Martin’s mission might seem nothing short of adorable (or bizarre, depending on how much you love cat videos), there’s an altruistic undercurrent to the circus and the band. Since their tours began in 2009, Martin has drawn a lot of attention to the plight of rescue cats, finding “homes for 142 cats and kittens.” Every show allows viewers a chance to foster and adopt especially talented felines. And the cuties that don’t get adopted, Martin tends to keep.

“I can’t adopt every cat out there, but I have enough space in my life, my heart, and my bus to take a few here and there,” she told the NBC local news affiliate.

Martin also aims to educate her audience. During Acro-Cats shows, she speaks on the importance of “clicker training,” in the event of emergencies.

You can follow the whereabouts of The Rock Cats and the circus on their website. They’re currently in Colorado, but may well come to a city near you. Look for us in the front row of the next show.

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