These Sneakers Are Designed to Adapt to Your Feet As You Go—And They’re the Comfiest I’ve Ever Owned

Plus, they're made with odor-fighting lining.

When it comes to sneakers, I feel like people fall into one of two categories: They either buy a million pairs and rotate them constantly, or they rely on the same overused pair of shoes every single day until they eventually fall apart. I fall into the latter camp. I love having a go-to pair of sneakers that I can wear with everything from jeans and shorts to workout clothes and dresses. If they’re cute, comfortable, and versatile, then I’m good. And my white Model OOO sneakers from Atoms perfectly fit the bill.

Although Atoms is a pretty popular brand, I hadn’t heard of it until the blog Humans of New York featured one of the company’s co-founders, Sidra Qasim, in January. Over the course of 11 posts, Qasim shared the moving backstory behind Atoms, revealing the years of hard work, struggles, and perseverance that went into turning her idea into a successful company that’s won acclaim for its design and gives back to the community through product donations. By the time I finished reading, I was inspired enough to check out Atoms for myself.

I wasn’t necessarily looking to buy a pair as my grungy, years-old sneakers were doing just fine, but the moment I saw the Model 000, I knew I was a goner. With over 1500 stellar reviews, the sneakers were described as a “classic wardrobe staple” complete with a cloud-soft insole, easy-tie laces, odor-killing lining (hello!), and more. There were four colors available (black, white, gray, and a black-and-white combo), and they all looked good, but I decided to go for white. If I was gonna get new sneakers, they needed to go with everything.



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Due to the huge spike in Atoms sales after the HONY story launched, it took a long time for my shoes to arrive, but when they finally came, I was not disappointed. They looked great, laced up in seconds, and, most importantly, felt amazing on my feet. Seriously—walking in them felt like walking on air thanks to the shoes’ specialized cushioning that’s designed to adapt to your feet’s movements as you go. I’ve worn them for weeks now, and they are by far the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn—sneakers or otherwise.

It all comes down to Atoms’ wholly unique design. In addition to its cushioning midsole foam, the shoes have an insole that’s lined with copper yarn, which feels seriously soft against your feet. There’s also the added bonus of Atoms being the first brand to offer quarter sizes, rather than just halves, in order to ensure the best fit possible; the site notes that according to industry research, a whopping 60% of people wear the wrong shoe sizes. With these sneakers, though, that’s no longer an issue.

Best of all, I can wear them with pretty much anything, from dog walks to grocery trips. White sneakers may require a bit more upkeep than the average shoe, sure, but with these shoes, at least, it’s absolutely worth the effort.