Amazing news: Atlanta Season 3 will be more female-focused — and yes, please

Good news: Earn and Paper Boi will continue taking us on a trip down South, because FX renewed Donald Glover’s Emmy-winning dramedy Atlanta for a third season. While Glover and his co-writer and brother, Stephen, remain tight-lipped on what will happen in the next installment, Stephen said that Atlanta Season 3 would include more stories with women taking the lead, and wow, it already sounds better than the previous two seasons combined.

Ever since it first aired, the show has been male-dominated, both on-screen and off-screen. That’s all about to change next year, as Stephen told The Hollywood Reporter their intention of including more female-centric stories.

"I think we have some cool ideas in season three that’ll put some more women on screen," he said. "There’s a very specific perspective from the Atlanta woman that I think we’re gonna explore in season three."

Zazie Beetz, the only female lead on the show, also revealed her desire for other women to interact with her on-screen character.

"It was so fun having this girl vibe," she said of 'Champagne Papi,' the only episode in Season 2 that revolved around women. "There’s no lack of women on the set, but I think in terms of storytelling it is different just like bonding with a woman and playing with that energy in terms of Van’s character. So it is something I would like to continue exploring."

Atlanta Season 2 or “Robbin’ Season” has been quite a rollercoaster. It saw Earn and Paper Boi work their way through the city’s rap scene, only to end up parting ways due to Earn’s terrible decision-making skills. Van ends her relationship with Earn, Paper Boi struggles to make sense of his newfound fame, and Darius witnesses an unnerving murder-suicide scene.

So what can we expect from Season 3? Well, according to Donald Glover himself, it won’t be as dark as the previous one.

"I align the seasons I think, to me, like Kanye records," he said. "I feel like this is our 'Graduation.' This is probably our most accessible but also the realest — an honest version of it — and I feel like the most enjoyable, like the third album."

A Kanye-inspired third season? That ought to be interesting, to say the least. Maybe we can anticipate for less grim, and more fun plot lines. Atlanta is slated to return on FX sometime in 2019.

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