This athleisure brand is so pretty *and* environmentally-friendly, so treat yo’ self

We love yoga pants as much as the next gal, but research has consistently shown that the constant churn of fast fashion (which produces a ton of athleisure gear) is having a massively negative impact on the environment. That’s why we were thrilled to discover Beloforte, an athleisure brand that’scute AF and eco-friendly — a winning combination in our books.

Greenpeace estimates that more than 60 billion square meters of textiles go to waste every year, ending up incinerated — contributing to air pollution — or sitting around in landfills polluting soil and water. Plus, high demand for clothing means more oil must be used in production, contributing to climate change, depletion of natural resources, and pollution.

Suddenly, buying those cheap yoga pants seems like a way bigger deal.

Beloforte’s athletic gear, though, is cut and sewn in Southern California from recycled materials sourced from local textile mills. That means the brand is doing its part to ensure that those 60 billion square meters of “scrap” fabric are actually put to good use, and that the oil, water, and human labor needed to produce them doesn’t go to waste.

The brand, which is priced a bit above the average athleisure brand — but for good reason — just released its chic spring 2017 collection, and we pulled out some of our favorite pieces. Shop our picks below and see the rest here!

Cherish Legging in Blush


Get them here for $154.

Moondancer Bomber in Black


Get it here for $220.

Setina Legging in Combat


Get them here for $132.

Altissimo Tank in Blush


Get it here for $70.

Danae Bra in Black


Get it here for $116.

Moonlight Track Pant in Combat


Get them here for $154.

Beverly Bra in Blush


Get it here for $66.

Look good, feel good.

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