This astronaut in space is giving us Earthlings all the Twitter goals

Tim Peake tweets from home, and he tweets from work, and he also gets to tweet from one pretty cool location: space. That’s because Peake is currently aboard the International Space Station (ISS), and just like many of us when we’re bored, he hits up Twitter. Except that his tweets are out of this world — literally.

Peake is the first British astronaut to travel to ISS (hereby gets ALL bragging rights), and has only been on the station for a few days now. But already he’s our favorite human not-on-Earth. According to Mashable, over the course of his six months in space, he’s going to perform around 265 different experiments, which he hopes will inspire others, especially children, to take an interest in engineering and mathematics. From his Twitter alone, we’re already VERY interested in what he’s up to, thousands of miles above the Earth.

Remember how in The Martian, Matt Damon was stuck on Mars with only disco music? Peake planned ahead, so he wouldn’t run into that situation. He’s brought with him 75 different tracks for him to jam out to during his travels, and has even started a contest with these songs — in space — to guess the lyrics. Using the hasthag #spacerocks, he’s going to tweet out lyrics, and the first to correctly guess the song wins an amazing astronaut #spacerocks patch. You can only get these IN SPACE.

If his music game isn’t enough, Peake has been tweeting with Sir Elton John (also, bragging rights) and sending out pictures of the Earth from above.

This is absolutely too cool, and we’re excited for six more months of this awesomeness. Keep those lyrics and pictures coming, Peake. We’ll be waiting down here on the ground.

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Images via Twitter