21 Gifts for Astrology Lovers That Are Out of This World

Give these to your most zodiac-obsessed friend.

People who are true lovers of astrology don’t just read their daily horoscopes—they believe in the divine power of the Universe as it was written in the stars, of course. In layman’s terms, astrology is all about appreciating and understanding the alignment of the planets at different points in our lives.

For example, your zodiac sun sign is determined by where the sun was at the time of your birth. It has an impact on your personality, likes, dislikes, and more. So when your friend turns to you and says, “I’m such a Leo,” they’re referring to the unique traits assigned to them, based on where the planets were when they were born. It may sound weird to some, but to others, the cosmic laws of astrology and the celestial planets are both interesting and important ways of viewing life.

So what do you get for your most zodiac-obsessed friend who is always sending you astrology memes and forwarding you horoscopes to analyze? We rounded up a few stellar gift ideas that these star-lovers are sure to treasure.

Gifts for astrology lovers to shop now:

astrology coin necklace, gifts for astrology lovers

A Zodiac Sign Coin Necklace

Shop it Gorjana

Honor your loved one’s sun sign by gifting them this stylish coin necklace that’s dainty enough to layer with other jewelry pieces. The coin features each sign’s unique constellation in sparkling rhinestones reminiscent of the shimmery night sky.

astrology notebook, gifts for astrology lovers

A Personalized Star Sign Constellation Notebook

Shop it Etsy

Allow your loved ones to write down their most cherished thoughts and dreams in this custom notebook. Pick out the color, desired star sign constellation, and up to two lines of text in gorgeous gold foil for a luxe yet thoughtful gift. 

gifts for astrology lovers

My Horoscope Mug

Shop it Urban Outfitters

Your astrology-loving friend is likely the kind of person who reads their horoscope daily, so they’ll get a kick out of this cute and cheeky mug.

gifts for astrology lovers

A Mydethun Moon Lamp Moon Light

Shop it Amazon

Prove that you love your friend to the moon and back with this fun lamp that mimics the look of the lunar rock. After all, a true astrology lover knows not only her sun sign but her moon sign, too.

zodiac tea, gifts for astrology lovers

Zodiac Sign Teas

Shop it Uncommon Goods

Each of these custom zodiac tea blends—from lemongrass to mango, ginger, and lime—is combined to reflect a specific sun sign.

casetify zodiac phone case, gifts for astrology lovers

Goodful x Casetify Custom Astrology Phone Case

Shop it Casetify

Your friend can rep their zodiac sign proudly with this customizable phone case that comes in several colors. Plus, they’ll feel good about directing some cosmic energy toward the planet, as this case is not only protective but fully compostable and biodegradable. How’s that for points from the universe?

celestial wine bag gift, gifts for astrology lovers

Celestial Velvet Wine Tote Bag

Shop it Urban Outfitters

Send love and good vibes from the stars with this celestial-printed wine bag that’s truly too cute to pass up. Pop in her favorite libation for a fun and celebratory zodiac gift idea.


Horoscope Sign Candles

Shop it Etsy

Your friend will love being able to add a little cosmic karma to any outfit with this sweet denim baseball hat. It’s available in all 12 zodiac signs, so snatch up one for you and one for your bestie.

libra self care book, gifts for astrology lovers

'The Little Book of Self-Care'

Shop it Barnes and Noble

We could all stand to practice a little more self-care, and these individualized sun sign books tell you the best ways to unwind, according to the stars. Each one details stellar self-care activities tailored to the specific sign’s unique personality traits and ruling elements. From indulging in silk pajamas to writing in a dream journal, the receiver of this gift will find more than one hundred ways to heal their mind, body, and active spirit.

gifts for astrology lovers

Tarot Flag Tapestry

Shop it Urban Outfitters

Did you know that astrology and tarot cards are loosely related? Each zodiac sign has a corresponding tarot card, something a true astrology whiz is sure to know. Both subjects also draw on the energy of solar objects—such as the moon, the stars, and the sun—as shown on these festive, bohemian tapestries. 


A Personalized Birth Chart Print

Shop it Etsy

This custom birth chart print is great for anyone who wants to know all of their celestial placements and have them in one place. Your astrology-loving friend will swoon at the detailed descriptions of each planet.

moon print, gifts for astrology lovers

Abstract Moon Phases Wall Art

Shop it Amazon

This trendy print shows the different phases of the moon—from waning crescent to full and new—in pretty copper and pink earth tone hues. No matter what your loved one’s star sign is, they’re bound to appreciate this subtle nod to the planet that rules all feeling and emotion.

mixology of astrology book, gifts for astrology lovers

'The Mixology of Astrology'

Shop it Amazon

Mix it up (literally) with this fun book that provides recipes for tons of delicious cosmic cocktails for all 12 zodiac signs. It’s the perfect resource for finding the perfect cocktail match.

gifts for astrology lovers

Sterling Forever Zodiac Bracelet

Shop it Nordstrom

Your favorite astrology lover can wear their unique zodiac constellation on their wrist with this delicate bracelet that is adorned with sparkling cubic zirconia.

gifts for astrology lovers

'The Astrology of You and Me'

Shop it Amazon

This astrological relationship guide dives deep into how each sign interacts with others. It will teach your zodiac-loving friend to bring a healthy dose of divine energy into all of their relationships. 


Zodiac Ring Set

Shop it Anthropologie

Accessories are the cherry on top of any outfit. So if your zodiac-obsessed bestie loves getting dressed up, then they’ll love this personalized ring set. It comes with two rings, one that spells out your sign and another that shows its constellation.


Zodiac-Embroidered Journal

Shop it

Whether they want to plan their next trip based on their astrocartography or keep a daily tab on their day-to-day adventures, this embroidered journal gives astrology-lovers a place to keep all of their thoughts, desires, and dreams in a safe place.


Zodiac Makeup Sponge

Shop it Sephora

For the beauty and astrology stans alike, this Beautyblender makeup sponge with an engraved zodiac sign will make you feel beautiful and aligned with the stars.


Vintage Astrology Zodiac Wheel Honey Throw Pillow

Shop it Society6

A cozy throw pillow offers all the right vibes while adding some style to your friend’s living room setup. The vintage pillow is offered in multiple colors, including yellow, green, blue, and terracotta.


Vintage Zodiac & Astrology Chart Charcoal & Gold Wall Clock

Shop it Society6

If your bestie’s idea of fun is spending hours at HomeGoods, then they’ll appreciate this vintage wall clock with all of the zodiac signs. It’s a classic piece that comes in both black and white frame options.


Dainty Star and Moon Anklet

Shop it Etsy

Like most trends from the ’90s (read: baggy clothes, butterfly clips, and bold lipstick), anklets are back and the cutest addition to your summer shoes. Have your friend pair their sneakers or sandals with this dainty celestial anklet with moon and star charms on it. It’ll take their outfit from ordinary to out-of-this-world—pun definitely intended.

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