These Astrological Signs Are More Likely To Have Sex on the First Date, Study Shows

What's your sign? See if the stars say you're likely to get intimate in the first encounter.

What’s your sign? It may be a cliché to talk about it on a first date (or an online dating profile for that matter) but it may actually play a part in your sexual preferences.

A recent study of 2,000 adults by sexual wellness brand Lovehoney looked at which respondents said they have sex on the first encounter — and what their astrological signs are. It found that the sign of the goat, born Dec. 22 to Jan. 20, Capricorn, took the lead as most likely to give it up on the first date with 55 percent.

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Not far behind at 54 percent is the always balanced sign of the scales Libra, which applies to you if your birthday falls between Sept. 23 and Oct. 22. With Capricorns known to be one of the most enthusiastic lovers of the zodiac, and Libras being both amorous and erotic, it’s no shock that they’re at the top.

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Other signs that are likely to jump right into bed with a new partner? Virgo, Scorpio and Gemini.

On the opposite side of the star-sign spectrum, those who are least likely to get hot and steamy on night one? Both Leo and Aquarius. In Leo land, they tend to get more turned on the more they are desired — which makes sense that they’d need more time before they get jiggy with it.

The same goes for Aquarians, who are mostly known for keeping their passion bottled up inside.

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