The Astrological New Year Is Happening—Here’s What This Means for Your Zodiac Sign

With the start of Aries season, you're going to receive a fresh slate.

As the sun moves into Aries at dawn on March 20th and the season shifts into spring during the equinox, the astrological new year begins. The astrological new year occurs on the first day of Aries season because it’s the first sign of the zodiac—and it’s time to roll through all the 12 signs again.

International Astrology Day also occurs on the 20th, making it the ideal time to set new goals and visions. We have a fresh slate to begin again. Anything is possible now. 

Below is your astrological new year horoscope. Make sure to read for your rising sign, too.


Your work ethic and willingness to stick to the job can win you some praises from colleagues and employers by the end of the astrological year. This means that a raise or promotion is on the way. Use this time to jumpstart your career to elevate your professional status in 2021.


You’re prone to getting lost in the clouds this year. Allow your dreams to take over and steer you toward a more fulfilling outcome. But, try to stay grounded to ensure that you don’t fly away with the breeze. You can achieve this by adding structure to your daily routine.


There are two roads that you can take in life: the high road or the lower vibration one. While it may be hard to walk the righteous path, as you’ll be tempted to choose the other road, lean into the most auspicious vision. Doing the “right” thing will lead to greatness.


New professional visions are giving you the motivation to step your game up at work. Be careful not to take on too much. The more you have on your plate, the less time you have for other things in your life, as in all matters of life, balance is key.


Releasing the past takes strength, which you have plenty of. Facing your fears will allow you to move towards happiness, but it will take some time. Change does not happen overnight. You have a whole year to grow and evolve into the best version of yourself. Ebb and flow, Leo.


Secrets are being shared and truths are discovered now. Don’t run away from opening up. It’s great to have a connection with people. For all you know, it can lead to a long lasting and deep bond. You can totally trust those in your inner circle. They have your back!


This is a powerful time for intimacy in relationships. The caveat is that you may need to give your crush or significant other space, as you are up in their business too much. Take a step back and give them space to share their emotions and daily activities with you.


Instead of rushing through projects, give yourself time to do things correctly. While this may add time to the work at hand, the effort will be worth it in the end. Remember the words of wisdom you heard in elementary school, “slow and steady wins the race.” It really does.


Creativity is blossoming within you, giving you the motivation and incentive to implement new artistic goals. Take a chance on your talents and share your visions with the world. No one is going to judge you, except for you. In fact, others will accept your amazing artistry with open arms.


You tend to over-focus on work matters when in reality, you should be dealing with the changes that are happening in your intimate situations and relationships. Your foundation is transforming, urging you to take a leap of faith and move towards growth. It’ll move you towards the best path.


You’re not really known to be a sharer, but you are opening up and talking about your emotions more than ever. This means that you’re being less aloof and distant when it comes to relationships. Instead, you are leading with your emotions and passions, which is very rare for you.


Manifesting self-esteem through positive affirmations will set your astrological new year off in the right direction. It will give you the confidence to assert yourself and personal visions throughout all the new and full moons, as well as being sure in decision-making during the planetary retrogrades of the year.