An astrologer weighed in on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s relationship, and it’s both ridiculous and fascinating

At some point during a relationship, there comes a time when you want to know where it’s going, right? Or get advice from someone who can be objective?

Well, astrologer Terry Nazon weighed in on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s romance on Perez, and gave quite a detailed account of their future.

Because we know that’s the relationship you’re wondering about (okay, at least it’s the one we’re been wondering about). And we know, we know — astrology isn’t exactly in any way an exact science, but this is fun…so just go with us!

via giphyHere’s the thing, it’s not great news. Nazon labels their relationship “a fairy tale romance,” but poses doubts about their longevity as a couple.

"As this romance continues to get more serious and it will, it's certain that Harry will be told in no uncertain terms to keep his romance out of the public's view or to break up with her all together," Nazon told Perez.

via giphyNazon goes on to emphasize that disapproval from the royal family will be a deal breaker, and that Prince Harry will be hurt when he is “forced to choose between the Royal family, duty, and his heart.” OMGBUT ISN’T THERE ANY HOPE AT ALL?!Actually, yes.

"If they can weather the frequent separations, holidays apart and the disapproval of the old guard at the palace in 2017, a whole different picture emerges in 2018 for this couple."

Okay PHEW, we like that picture! (Also, yes, we’re well aware that it doesn’t necessarily take astrological insights to come to this same, pretty down-to-earth conclusion, but don’t take this from us!)

via giphySeriously though, this is obviously the prediction of one person, and it shouldn’t have any bearing on the actual outcome of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s relationship. It’s fun to seek the opinion from someone like Nazon — who is probably the most famous celeb astrologer around — but at the end of the day they will continue on their own path, and what will be will be.

And in the mean time, we’re wishing the best for this royally adorable couple.

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