After her own assault, this woman created a ring with a built-in panic button

Bad things often happen to wonderful, brilliant people. Katya Kermlin just happens to be one of those people, and she recently shared a lengthy and heartbreaking post detailing how she was brutally attacked by a man 16 years ago.

The post originally appeared in Russian, and since then has garnered over 25k reactions and over 5k shares in both languages combined. Amazingly, she says she does not consider her experience a bad one — she considers herself lucky, and has moved on from the bad things that have happened to her. Now, she’s 41, and is the co-founder of the company Nimb.

Currently, they’re looking for funding on Kickstarter, and they have 36 days left on their campaign. They’ve already surpassed their $50,000 goal, but you can still pledge money and make sure you get a ring.

Here’s how it works, according to their site:


The button is located inside the ring, so it’s really inconspicuous when and if you need to press it. You have to hold it down for a few seconds, so there is no need to worry about accidentally pressing it throughout your day. Once pressed, it alerts your “rescue team” that you’re in danger, and where you are.


They’re also really, really cute. You can wear it every day and look completely, totally stylish. And the thing is, if they save just one life, they’re absolutely worth it.

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