The ASOS app now shows how an item looks on different body types, and we’ll shop to that

Those of us with a knack for shopping are more than familiar with the ASOS app — it has really cool features like outfit matching that makes your experience easier and it helps you find just what you need. In an effort to make our shopping experience even more enjoyable, the ASOS app will now show you how one item looks on several different body types.

This will be so helpful when determining whether something will look good on you! As we all know, even people who wear the exact same size and have the same measurement can have completely different shapes. So this new feature is a great way to figure out what you want to spend your money on. As if the fact that ASOS doesn’t Photoshop its models didn’t make us love them enough, this just puts our devotion over-the-edge.

It looks like for now, this feature is only available on the ASOS app, and not the website. According to Bustle, the brand plans to offer this option on all its items on the site soon. Retailers like ModCloth and Forever 21 currently have this feature on their websites, so we’re happy to hear that ASOS is jumping on it too.

Even if it’s not perfect quite yet, anytime we can get just a little more perspective on how an outfit hangs and looks on different body types is a win for fashion hounds everywhere.


This feature seems to be rolling out incrementally, so it’s possible you haven’t gotten your update yet. But don’t worry, it will come eventually.

As for how the images will work in the app, ASOS replied to a Twitter commenter’s question, saying:

"Zeekit takes images of a range of models of all different sizes and digitally imposes products on them to display how the same product will look on a different body type. We also thought it was an awesome idea!"

We’re curious to see how this works with digital images, as opposed to models wearing the actual clothes.

You’ll have to wait a bit longer if you are looking for this feature on menswear, but hopefully, it will come in the near future. Because men and people who enjoy menswear should get these benefits as well.

Start browsing the ASOS app to see if you’ve gotten the update yet. This is not a bad way to start the weekend if you ask us.

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