You might not think this brand is the most popular on the internet — but it is

It’s 2017, and it has never been easier to satisfy your need for instant gratification with online shopping. And since you’re spending so much time (and money) endlessly scrolling to find the perfect outfit, have you ever wondered which fashion site is the most popular? Well, lucky for you, we have the answer, and it’s a little surprising.

According to SEMrush, a digital marketing platform provider, after crunching the traffic data on e-commerce fashion sites, reigns supreme.

We know! We were surprised too, but it makes sense because ASOS churns out clothing and accessories as fast as new trends appear.

SEMrush pulled four kinds of traffic data (direct, referral, search, and social) and found that social media plays a bigger role in directing users to fashion sites than it does for non-fashion sites. Which is why brands work so hard and spend so much money curating the most appealing social media feeds to attract potential customers and redirect them to their websites.


It’s definitely interesting to see the data and what goes on behind the scenes of these giant companies when it comes to attracting customers through different platforms. And we don’t know about you, but we might be headed over to right now…