ASOS featured a model with back rolls, and Twitter is celebrating

While body positivity and inclusivity are (thankfully) gaining momentum in our culture, it’s still woefully hard to find prominent brands that embrace all bodies. Which is why we’re cheering over the fact that online retailer ASOS featured a model wearing a red, backless dress…that happened to feature her back rolls.

And while this might not seem like the biggest deal (after all, back rolls are healthy, normal, and an utterly common occurrence for so many women), it becomes a big deal when we consider the fact that rolls are almost never featured in ad campaigns…which contributes to unrealistic body standards and the epidemic of people feeling less-than for being perfectly healthy and normal.

ASOS is helping to subtly change the landscape of body image, and we’re Here. For. It. And so is Twitter. false

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The model featured in the ad is named Natalia Lorenzo, and the above thread became popular when Callie Thorpe, a body-positive influencer, posted the red-dress pic to her Twitter feed. Thorpe is a model in her own right and has been featured in magazines along with faces like Kendall Jenner and Ashley Graham.

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time ASOS has made moves towards body-inclusivity in their ads. They recently received praise for their (gorgeous) bikini ad featuring curvy model Vivian Eyo-Ephraim.

We’re all about brands that work towards more inclusive and realistic standards of beauty that reflect all women. Here’s hoping more companies take a cue from ASOS. It’s beyond time.

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