We are ALL about the #AskHerMore Oscars campaign

You’ve probably seen the #askhermore hashtag floating around the interwebs. For the uninitiated, the hashtag is the brainchild of The Representation Project, and is a call to arms to the media to promote gender equality on the red carpet by pressuring the press to ask women about MORE than their dresses, jewelry, and manicures.

With the tagline “Let’s celebrate more than her dress,” The Representation Project has awesomely provided us with both the Twitter handles of the lady celebs who will be interviewed and the handles of the reporters who will be doing the interviewing so you can get SUPER specific with your #AskHerMore tweets.

In related awesomeness, our beloved Amy Poehler’s “Smart Girls at the Party” is partnering with The Representation Project and will be live-tweeting #AskHerMore from their Twitter handle @SmartGirls.

The hashtag is already getting SO MUCH LOVE today. Here are some of our favorite tweets so far:

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