Need dating advice? Just ask Olive Garden

Let’s be real. In today’s ridiculously modern day and age, there are countless resources for those of us looking for some solid dating advice. There’s your trusty squad for sure, complete with your BFF, your mom, maybe even your therapist — all just a quick text message away. If those don’t come through, a Google search will surely address any pressing relationship questions that come up. But what if you want something a little more personal, with a little more… zest?

Well, if you’re anything like me and absolutely love carbs, you can put that relationship to work for you. Thanks to some investigative tweeting from E! Online, we’ve discovered that the Olive Garden has your best interests in mind when it comes to your love life. Besides serving up all-you-can eat breadsticks and creamy, carb-y deliciousness, the chain is now offering bite-sized (ha) pieces of dating advice.

There’s no catch, besides having to fit your question into 140 characters or less. All you have to do is tweet @OliveGarden with your dating question and the hashtag #AskAlfredo. You can ask them anything from how to share pasta to what you should wear on a first date (hint: if your date involves marinara sauce, you probably shouldn’t wear white).


If this seems an unlikely choice or ridiculous marketing ploy, consider how many dates — good ones, bad ones, some that never showed up — the restaurant’s many locations have been privy to. Besides, it’s also a really easy way to answer that age old question: So, what do you feel like eating? “Free breadsticks” is always a great solution to that problem.

(Image via Disney)