Ask yourself these questions to figure out if someone’s into you

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you feel as if someone is into you, but you aren’t totally sure you’re reading their signs right, things can get pretty frustrating. I mean, maybe this person is really friendly with everyone, so what you see as flirting could just be their outgoing personality. To make things a bit easier, you can always ask yourself the following questions to figure out if a person is into you.

1Does the person find excuses to be around me?

Start taking note of the things the person in question does to end up in your vicinity. Maybe they alter their route home from work or school so they can spend more time with you on your commute. Or perhaps they said they weren’t going to that party later, but once you say that you are attending, they change their mind.

Chances are, if they want to be where you are, that’s because they like you. Makes sense, right?

2Is there friendly touching happening between us?

You’ve probably heard about the “touch barrier” before. It’s when one of two people in a flirtatious relationship takes the step beyond verbal flirting and uses touch to send a message.

If the person who is causing this quandary of yours is one to touch your arm during conversation, or perhaps rest their head on your shoulder during a moment of down time, then they probably want you to know that they like you in a romantic way.

3Does the person in question laugh at all my jokes?

Listen, we get that you’re a funny person. Your jokes land every time. But if this person is always laughing at everything you say, even when you didn’t intend to make a joke, they’re trying to flatter you. This behavior is even easier to pick up on if you’re notoriously unfunny — but everyone has a sense of humor, right?

Flattery is tell -tale sign of someone being into you. Laughing at your jokes, telling you that you look nice today, complimenting your karaoke skills — you get the point. They all mean that the person likes you.

4Are they always asking me questions about myself?

You notice that every time you’re in a conversation with the person in question, the dialogue somehow always comes back to you talking about yourself. This could mean one of two things. Either you’re a bit self-centered, or the person is constantly asking you about yourself and your opinions.

So next time you talk to this person, and you somehow end up talking about your favorite kind of frozen yogurt, trace the conversation back to the beginning. If you got there by way of the person questioning you about your likes and dislikes, that means they want to learn more about you because they’re into you!

5Is the person generally awkward towards me?

They seem to be having a hard time coming up with something say, but they’re not ending the conversation. Their hands are in their pockets, or their foot is nervously tapping. They’re tongue-tied. These signs of awkwardness point to the fact that you make this person a little nervous.

If that’s the case, then they most likely are afraid of saying something dumb that will make you like them less. They want to impress you, but don’t know how. If you’re into this person, too, then encourage them to open up and feel comfortable around you.

6Does the person mirror my actions?

According to Science of People, mirroring is when a person subtly mimics your verbal or physical behaviors. They want to act like you to make you feel comfortable with them. Mirroring is also another form of flattery, so keep your eyes peeled!

The person in question will mimic your posture, vocal cadence and volume, and will be positioned so their body is facing towards you, open and ready to receive your conversation.

7Do we share prolonged eye contact?

A surefire way to tell if someone likes you is by their willingness and ability to share eye contact with you. Sharing eye contact during conversation is polite to do no matter who you’re talking with. But making eye contact from across a room and holding it means there’s something there between you two!

Eyes are the windows to the soul, remember. So when this person gazes into your eyes, they are trying to connect to you on a deeper level. If that doesn’t prove they’re into you, then we don’t know what will!

We hope these questions clear up the situation! But if there’s still a string of doubt, then it might be best to just blatantly ask what’s going on. Games are fun until they become annoying, so once that happens, it’s time to gain courage and get to bottom of this person’s intent. And if you’re into this person back, then why not skip the hassle and just say so! It’s always better for relationships of any kind of have clarity and honesty at the forefront.

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