9 hair struggles every asian woman has experienced at least once in their life

If you’re an asian woman, chances are you’ve had someone comment to you at least once (although really, it’s probably more like a million) times about how much they ~love~ your straight hair. And although you love your luscious locks too, YOU KNOW that it doesn’t come without it’s fair share of struggles either.

1. Like the fact that you’ve never been able to braid your hair without it looking something like this.

Your super-human hair is so freakin’ fierce it could be an actual weapon.

2. Speaking of braids, worrying your beautiful Pinterest ‘do won’t stand out the way you want it to.

After spending what feels like two billion hours perfecting a glorious dutch braid, you want to be able to show off your handy work! So, unless you color your hair, you’re going to have to literally POINT OUT your cool hair to people, ugh.

3. Or just watching your lovely braid completely fall apart throughout the day.


That fishtail braid wasn’t meant to last forever, I guess.

4. Having to find ~the right~ lighting to show off the cool subtle shade you just colored your hair.

In your mind, your hair would shine a beautiful shade of midnight blue all the time, but in reality that lovely blue color ain’t showing up in your selfie unless you tilt your head about 45 degrees under a direct light source.

5. Being forced to invest in at least ONE professional grade hair product (and realistically probably more).


There was a time when you relied on the local pharmacy’s beauty aisle for your hair care products, but after going through about 2,156 ~normal~ bobby pins – that never held your hair up for more than two minutes – you decided to invest… in your hair.

6. Dealing with a lifetime of next-level flyaways.

Static is basically your enemy. What ~other people~ don’t realize is that asian hair has a total mind of its own, and no amount of hairspray can tame it… well, maybe an entire can.

7. Having to leave curlers in for EXTRA long (like so long you had to actually leave a salon with curlers in!).


Anytime you’ve ever tried to put a little wave into your hair, it took at least twice as some of your friends.

8. Understanding the fear of the dreaded “baby hairs.”


Baby hairs on fleek.

9. And finally, LOLing at the times when your hair resembled something it wasn’t supposed to.


Even if only temporarily.

But despite all these struggles, you seriously do love your hair, because, DAMN if it doesn’t look good when you get it JUST the way you want it…


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