Asian Americans getting photoshopped onto movie posters is basically the coolest thing ever

Today in WOW, YES, THANK YOU news, BuzzFeed partnered with Yukina Mitsuhashi to prove, once again (because filmmakers refuse to get the hint) that Asian Americans 10000% need to be starring in movies, and that whitewashing movies does nothing but piss everybody off. Considering Asian actors seriously struggle to be cast in movies at all, let alone in humanized, non-stereotypical roles, it’s a necessary and totally interesting pursuit.

So they made an *incredible* video with Asian Americans photoshopped into popular movie posters.

“I just really wanted to see Asians being represented as the people I know in real life,” Maggie said of the project.


Beyond just being a super effing cool project, one of the most incredible parts of the video was just hearing its creators be wowed and moved by seeing people who look like themselves on a movie poster.

“As for mainstream American media, the lack of Asian identity is not just missing out on a whole perspective and culture of people who are willing to add to the conversation,” Niki said. “It’s doing a real injustice to younger audiences who feel like that’s something that they can never attain.”


This is a project that meant a lot to the people working on it, and it’s totally worth a watch. It’s raising awareness of a major issue, and reminding us that, though we’ve made progress with inclusivity in film, we have a *long* way to go.

Watch the video below!

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