Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis’s baby just wore a Kelso and Jackie shirt

It’s been over 10 years since That ’70s Show ended, but the show’s memory still lives on in the Kunis-Kutcher home. On Monday, Ashton Kutcher shared a hilariously adorable photo of his nine-month-old baby wearing a vintage That ‘70s Show t-shirt. Dimitri Portwood Kutcher’s #OOTD featured main characters and on again, off again lovebirds Jackie Burkhart and Michael Kelso, played by his parents, along with the words “Hello Wisconsin” from the show’s unforgettable theme song.

Seriously, barely one years old and already little Dimitri is caught up with feelings of nostalgia.

Kutcher captioned the photo, “Yes, this Is my son’s outfit today,” before adding the hashtags “#that70sshow, #kelsoandjackieforever”.

This might actually be the cutest thing we’ve seen today, but more importantly, where can we get one of these shirts for ourselves?

We’ve always been a little obsessed with Ashton and Mila’s relationship. The two met while filming the Fox series and even shared their first kiss ever on-screen. Kutcher opened up to radio host Howard Stern in June about filming romantic scenes: “I was 19, she was like 14. I did her chemistry homework for her,” Kutcher said of his costar-turned-wife. “I think I was her first kiss, like, on the show. We have our first kiss memorialized on a TV show!”

It seems like the age difference doesn’t matter much now: the couple has been married IRL for over two years and have two adorable children together.

Speaking of adorable children, it seems big sister Wyatt has really taken to her baby brother.

“Wyatt thinks the baby is her baby, and at some point I’m going to have to explain to her it’s not really her baby. I don’t know how I’m going to do that. She loves the baby so much,” Ashton told Ellen Degeneres on Ellen in May.

We’re looking forward to seeing what other That ‘70s Show-inspired outfits the Kutcher kids wear next. Until then, we’ll be busy searching for Dimitri’s awesome T-shirt.

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