Ashton Kutcher Thought Mila Kunis Was Cheating, but She Was Just Watching ‘Bridgerton’

He woke up while she was watching Episode 5 in bed—if you know, you know.

The hit Netflix series Bridgerton adeptly mastered the art of the slow build. For the first four episodes of the Shondaland series based on the romance novels by Julia Quinn, sexual tension between the Duke and Daphne is kept tight, yet it isn’t until the fifth episode that the tension is cut and cut hard. Episode 5 is so steamy that Ashton Kutcher thought wife Mila Kunis was watching straight-up pornography.

“I fall asleep by 9:30, I am out. It doesn’t matter what is on—I’m asleep,” Kunis said during a joint appearance with her husband on the TODAY show on February 1st. “Last night, I clearly stayed up till midnight. I was like, ‘What’s happening in this show?'”

Kunis was watching the series in bed while Kutcher was “dead asleep” next to her…that is, until the “peak” of episode five. “[He] wakes up in the peak of the fifth episode, and this may be TMI for morning, but he literally goes, ‘are you watching a porno?'” Kunis jokes. “Like, he was so confused.”

I didn’t know what was going on, Kutcher yelled. I was like, ‘Is there someone else in the bed?’ It was terrifying! And Kunis didn’t have time to explain. I was like, ‘Be quiet, this is the wedding!’ she said.

Listen, if Kutcher had stayed awake for the lead-up to that scene, he would have been just as invested as Kunis.

Bridgerton has been renewed for a second season after the first made audiences fall head-over-heels for the Bridgerton family, Queen Charlotte, the Duke of Hastings, the Featheringtons, and, of course, Lady Whistledown. And Kutcher better catch up on all the steamy goodness before the second season drops—otherwise, he’ll be just as “terrified” during Kunis’s second season marathon.

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