Ashton Kutcher just gave Ellen DeGeneres $4 million to save the gorillas — and yes, you’ll cry watching the video

If you grew up during a certain time period, you might associate Ashton Kutcher with the TV prank show Punk’d. But he’s all grown up now, and Ashton Kutcher played a good prank on Ellen that will make you feel all the feelings.

If you watch Ellen, you know how much the TV host likes to surprise her guests.

This time, though, a surprise guest pulled one over on her. Ashton Kutcher and his business partner and one of Ellen’s good friends, Guy Oseary, made an unannounced appearance on Ellen, and when you find out why, you’ll *definitely* need to bust out the tissues. It gives new meaning to the word emotional. Ellen DeGeneres, who has been married to Arrested Development actress Portia de Rossi since 2008, is known for her generosity. She frequently donates huge amounts of help and/or assistance to audience members, to her staff, and to guests on the show.

In February, her wife gave her a birthday gift as generous as Ellen is: She established The Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund, which helps preserve wildlife — namely, endangered gorillas — in Africa. The TV host even revealed on her show that she’s about to take a vacation to Africa to help the fund truly get off the ground. So, her neighbor (!) Kutcher and Oseary decided to assist their pal just a little bit.

Ashton Kutcher and his partner donated $4 million to a completely shocked Ellen, right there on her TV show.

It is with a heavy heart I must announce that Ashton Kutcher could still 100% get it. Even when talking about cryptocurrency. The video partially serves as an advertisement for the tech platform he and Oseary have invested in, called “Ripple”. But more than that, it’s a demonstration of the kindness and generosity out there in the world. As her friends explain, Ellen does so much for everyone else, and asks for next to nothing. They hoped that by donating such a sum — in an app that can automatically convert it to Rwandan Francs, no less — they could offer Ellen just a taste of the jubilation and generosity she’s provided to her guests over the years.

I cry, you cry, we all cry when Ellen cries. You can make a personal donation to the Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund by clicking here.

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