Ashton Kutcher tweeted out his actual cell number: “I miss having a real connection with real people”

In the last few years, as many celebrities have realized the reach and financial benefits of being on social media, Ashton Kutcher has stayed relatively under the radar. Kutcher is on social media, but we wouldn’t call his online presence radically transparent, so you can understand how shocked we were when the Ranch actor tweeted out his actual cell phone number so that he could start having a “real connection” with people again.

The Kutcher cell saga started on January 28th, 2019 when the actor tweeted out, “Changing my social media strategy starting tomorrow. Stay tuned.” Okay, sure. We thought that just meant he was going to tweet more memes. The next day, Kutcher tweeted out his actual cell number with an earnest plea for people to text him.

Shortly after he posted his cell number he deleted it, presumably because he was inundated with, well, texts from literal strangers. He followed it up by writing that he would “repost soon” because “sms is a fragile beast.”

It’s interesting how social media has emboldened as many as it has disenfranchized. So many people reach out and interact and even meet their best friends and life partners online, while others feel like social media has distanced them from their IRL communities. We’re not sure what Kutcher was hoping to get out of this cell phone experiment, but we hope he finds it.

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