Ashley Tisdale’s 2000s-era throwback photo is giving us life

Have you ever looked at a picture of yourself from years ago and been so ridiculously amused…and a little bit embrassed by your outfit? If so, take comfort in this: Even celebrities have those moments. Need proof? Check Ashley Tisdale’s recent Instagram post, which is both an important reminder that celebs have fashion blunders too, and a walk down memory lane to a golden era in pop culture.

Tisdale just posted a glimpse at an old red carpet look , and it’s giving us life — and High School Musical flashbacks, because this getup has “Sharpay Evans” written all over it (side note: Do you have “Bop to the Top” stuck in your head now too?)

Tisdale is wearing some truly nostalgic items in her photo: A Bebe T-shirt, a lacy tank, multiple necklaces, a piano clutch, and a sequin skirt — worn OVER flared jeans. Separately, all those items are already pretty amazeballs. But together? They form one pretty epic outfit. Yes, she wore all these items at the same time.

“#tbt when I used to put on everything at once in my closet,” Tisdale wrote alongside the photo, which features her grinning, rocking a bob with blunt bangs, and posing on a red carpet.

Oh, how we miss the early 2000s. That piano purse is especially MySpace era.

This wasn’t the only time she posted a fashion-themed #tbt. Check out this other red carpet ensemble.

Is that pink fur and camouflage print, we spy? We’re loving Tisdale for being willing to laugh at herself and put it out there, and of course we can’t get enough of that incredible look.

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