Ashley Tisdale’s Daughter Finally Met Aunt Vanessa Hudgens, and the Photos Will Make You Melt

Our hearts can't take this baby Juju and Aunt Nessa moment!

The crazy teenagers of East High are all grown up! Vanessa Hudgens finally got to meet her bestie Ashley Tisdale’s newborn baby, Jupiter, in person and we can’t stop ooo-ing and aww-ing over the photos. It all went down on Friday, May 28th, and the new mommy gave us a behind-the-scenes look of baby Juju and Aunt Nessa’s very first rendezvous in a string of photos via her Instagram Story. 

“Literally Jupiter opened her arms like ‘hold me’ the minute she met Ness,” Tisdale captioned the close-up image in black and white lettering. In the photo, Aunt Nessa cradled the 2-month-old, who was looking seasonally fashionable in a floral onesie, while situated on an oversized leather couch. The two locked eyes. “It warmed my heart,” Tisdale wrote. 

The Jupiter-meets-Aunt-Nessa saga continued with more photos, including another shot of Hudgens lounging with Tisdale’s little baby girl. “Juju & Aunt Nessa,” the actress wrote below the photo. Hudgens shared a few of the snapshots to her IG Story as well, beaming, “I melt over this angel.”

Thankfully, it didn’t take another nine months for the High School Musical alumni to reunite like before Tisdale gave birth. Hudgens told Access in late April that the co-stars were holding off on setting a date to for her to meet baby Jupiter because she wanted to “make sure that I’m not traveling anywhere” right beforehand, given the pandemic and all. “I’m so excited, though. [Ashley’s] like, ‘You have to come over and sing for her, cause she loves singing … Whenever she’s on her stomach, she kicks when there’s singing!’ So I’m like, I’m going to come over and be the auntie who sings,” she chirped.

Tisdale welcomed Jupiter Iris French on March 23rd with her husband and composer Christopher French. The couple tied the knot in September 2014.

Emily Weaver
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