Ashley Tisdale says bye-bye to blonde, becoming part of the pink hair cult

For quite some time, Ashely Tisdale has rocked short blonde hair. In fact, her sleek hairstyle was pretty much her signature look…up until last night, December 10th. The actress showed off her playful side on Instagram Stories, revealing a surprising new ‘do: baby pink hair. Not only did she dye her hair a bubblegum pink, but she also gave her lob more of an edge, quite literally—it was chopped into a blunt, angled bob.

Ashley’s bubblegum pink hair is just as bubbly as she is.

“The Voices In My Head made me do it,” she wrote on Instagram (the caption is a cheeky nod to her new song). In reality, it took an entire glam squad for the actress to get that effervescent ‘do. From her hair color to her blunt cut to her overall hairstyle, Ashely’s new look took a team of four.

According to an Instagram post by Violet Teriti (who added volume to the star’s hair), the beauty mogul also enlisted Dom Forletta (he gave her that baby pink hue), Justine Marjan (who styled it to perfection), and Buddy Porter (who gave her a blunt, angled bob). As the saying goes, it does take a village.

Ashley’s colorist told Cosmopolitan that he did “a really heavy highlight on her hair” in order to bring her highlights down to a pale blonde. As for the bubblegum pink hue, he first “pulled the pastel pink all the way through her ends for another 10 minutes.” To add brightness to the star’s ‘do, he layered Manic Panic’s Cotton Candy Pink before rinsing it out.

The star’s new hair color was on full display during a photoshoot for her beauty brand, Illuminate Cosmetics.

“Serving looks with Rachel West,” Ashley wrote on her Instagram post. “New Glow Up Palette…Coming in January.” Justin Marjan told Cosmo that the beauty mogul’s hair “played well off her makeup palettes, so we wanted the hair to feel young and fresh.”

We can’t wait to see how Ashley’s styles her new color and cut.

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