Ashley Tisdale throws it back to her adorably cringey “High School Musical”-era fashion choices

Don’t be so hard on yourself, Ashley Tisdale!

While taking in Sunday night’s 2017 MTV Movie and TV Awards, the High School Musical alum treated her Snapchat followers to an early #ThrowbackThursday by posting old photos of her High School Musical-era self at the awards show back in the day. Jokingly poking fun at herself, the 31-year-old actress shed light on the fact that her onscreen alter ego, Sharpay Evans, *might* have been a little too influential in her fashion choices.

But hey — it’s not fair to judge a character *or* her wardrobe out of her time. Still, we’ve got to agree with Tisdale here. These outfits are pretty funny by today’s standards!

“In honor of the MTV Movie awards today, let’s take a look back! Me in 2009 winning Breakthrough Performance Female for my role as Sharpay,” she wrote in a Snapchat post.

Aw, little Ashley!

Next, she shared a close-up of her winning expression.

“This face is the face I make every time I’m thinking ‘Are you sure’ (Same face I made when Chris [French] asked me to marry him),” she wrote.

But it was her 2007 red carpet throwback that *really* stole the Snapchat show.

“Obviously in 2007 they could tell how committed I was to the role???? (what am I wearing??!!),” she quipped.

Oh, Ashley Tisdale. How we love you and your ever-evolving fashion choices. True, ’00s-era Ashley may have dressed for her inner Sharpay a little too much, but at least she’s unforgettable!

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