Ashley Tisdale Opened Up About Her Unusual “Fourth Trimester” Symptoms After Baby Jupiter

The new mom said she experienced nausea and intense back pain.

New mom Ashley Tisdale is keeping it real about her pregnancy—including her postpartum symptoms. Sharing a photo of new baby Jupiter on Instagram April 26th, the actress wrote that while she had a lot of help preparing for her baby, no one told her about the “fourth trimester.”

On her blog, Frenshe, Tisdale opened up about what her fourth trimester—aka the time after baby is born—was like for her. She wrote, “Two weeks after I had Jupiter my body went through so much trying to recover. Night sweats, (drenched FYI), blood (gross), and I had some real fun symptoms that aren’t normal postpartum including nausea and extreme back pain.”

Tisdale went on to describe the pain she was going through and how difficult it was for her doctors to understand what might be causing it. It turned out that, for her, her back pain was linked to the acid reflux she experienced while pregnant, and once treated, it was resolved. It’s worth noting, though, that all mamas are different and experience different symptoms. Being open with your doctor is the best thing you can do to get to the bottom of any postpartum troubles you’re having.

“I think it’s really important to talk about our real experiences and not hide the parts that aren’t so pleasant or cute enough to show on Instagram,” Tisdale also wrote, adding that she feels grateful that she hasn’t experienced any postpartum depression. She also noted that she feels excited knowing that the activities that make her feel like the “old Ashley” are right around the corner and will help her continue to settle into motherhood.

She’s already shared so many sweet moments on social media with baby Jupiter, whom she welcomed on April 23rd with husband Christopher French. After announcing her pregnancy back in September, the mom-to-be continued to share updates with fans—always keeping it real. And while plenty of stars choose to keep their little ones out of the spotlight, we love that Tisdale is continuing to be open and is sharing these important conversations about how hard motherhood can truly be. We’re just glad to see she’s taking everything day by day and enjoying time with her little girl!

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