Best bestie ever Ashley Tisdale named one of her eyeshadows after Vanessa Hudgens

We’ve always wanted a nail polish color named after us, but an eyeshadow?! That’s beyond our wildest dreams. However, Vanessa Hudgens is getting to live that dream, thanks to her BFF Ashley Tisdale. For her upcoming eyeshadow palette, Tisdale named an eyeshadow after Hudgens and pretty much proved their friendship bond is eternal.

For those of you who are not aware, actress and singer Tisdale created her own makeup line in 2016 called Illuminate. Tisdale’s line from BH Cosmetics is super gorgeous, affordable, and accessible. (Target just started carrying it!)

Since her line is relatively new, Tisdale doesn’t have a ton of products available right now. But, she did go on Facebook Live with BH Cosmetics on January 27th to tease some of her new products (including her Goddess palette).

Illuminate already has Beach Goddess and Night Goddess palettes, but this strictly Goddess one will be all eyeshadow (no blush or bronzer). Another change is that the Goddess palette also has names for each shadow color and as Tisdale explained on Facebook Live:

“The names, actually, were inspired by my girlfriends and all the goddesses in my life.”

One of the shadows is called “Nessa” for Hudgens, which means she’s a goddess to Tidsale. How sweet! Tisdale also named colors after her friend Kim Hidalgo, makeup artist Tonya Brewerher, sister Jennifer, niece Mikayla, and mom Lisa — though she admittedly changed up some of the names.

“They all are so excited that they’re an eyeshadow. I’m like, ‘You’ll now live on forever as an eyeshadow,'” Tisdale said, laughing.

Not that we’d need an eyeshadow to remember Hudgens, but we gotta say this is a pretty fabulous way for Tisdale to honor the women in her life. Although the Goddess palette isn’t available yet, it will make a great beauty gift for your bestie.

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