Ashley Olsen’s dyed her hair the summer shade we’ve always dreamed of

Thankfully, it’s now going to get a lot easier to tell Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen apart. Though they may look almost identical and have the same exact style, there’s one thing they don’t tend to duplicate: their hairstyles.

The proof lies in Ashley’s latest hair color, which looked like this earlier last month:


Ashley (on the left) is rocking a multidimensional blonde look that’s only a few shades lighter than both her sisters’ styles. However, she decided to take things up a notch just in time for summer.

Here’s Ashley’s newer, blonder look – which is a shade we’ve always associated with summertime:


Ashley (now on the right) is sporting a wearable platinum blonde look with brassy highlights. Thanks to her hair change, it’s going to be much easier to spot the differences between Mary-Kate and Ashley.

Now, let’s get our side-by-side on:


Overall, we’re loving the fact that Ashley looks as though she’s ready to run to the beach at any moment – while wearing a neutral, head-to-toe getup from her brand Elizabeth and James, of course.

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