Ashley Graham’s response to bullies who criticized her weight loss is utter perfection

It’s well-documented that we adore Ashley Graham. She’s strong, smart, and real. Which is why it’s SO difficult to hear that Ashley has been dealing with some haters who are upset that she supposedly lost weight. Sigh.

It all began when Ashley posted the following selfie on Instagram:

Commenters began tearing her apart. They wrote, “What happened to embracing your size? You advertise that message then go and lose weight?? I mean hey more power to you, but idk…puzzled”, “Where are your curves?! ?,” and, “I hate when they are okay with their weight and then go and loose [sic] weight.”

Lame :/.

So, Ashley naturally felt it was time to shut all of the negativity down.

E! News reports that Ashley commented on Instagram, “People come on my page and body shame me because I’m too big, because I’m too small, because I’m not good enough for their standards…But at the end of the day I’m good enough for me. Angles will make anyone look bigger or smaller and I just happen to know mine.”


And, on Snapchat, Ashley posted a photo of herself on the runway with the following words written on the photo, “i will not let others dictate what they think my body should look like for their own comfort, and neither should you.” Yasssss.

You can see a screenshot of it here.

And, while there have been quite a few haters, even more of Ashley’s fans have been WITH her, saying “You look AMAZING! Love you no matter what!” and “You are beautiful inside and out, screw the haters!! Do your thing girl!”

We love you, Ashley! Keep doing you.

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