Ashley Graham’s latest bikini pic reminds us that it’s totally fine to wear jewelry to the pool

The ultimate kicker about wearing clothes and being an adult human is you can really do whatever you want all the time. It’s all too easy to create arbitrary fashion rules for ourselves that limit our modes of self expression, but the latest swimsuit photo of Ashley Graham wearing a leopard print bikini with a gold chain reminds us that jewelry is optional at all times.

So, if you’re someone who’s already exclusively decked out in gold chains and you feel like hitting up the beach, it’s crucial to remember that clothing is made up and you can do whatever you want.

Perhaps, you’re just now witnessing the trending flux of gold bra chains much like the one worn by Graham, and you want to give it a go.

Either way, we’ve provided you with a few shopping options to consider. That is, if the mood strikes.

Gold Rhine Choker Bralette Body Chain from Windsor, $26


Gold Rhinestone Mesh Bralette from Windsor, $30


Gold Rhinestone Bralette Choker Set from Windsor, $30


Niyanta Body Chain from Nasty Gal, $25


Statement Choker Body Chain from ASOS, $11


Nora Pave Body Chain from Nasty Gal, $25


Now you have a small flurry of body chain options for your next beach outing, maybe the sand will make it shine even more.

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