Ashley Graham celebrated her pregnant body with an unretouched, naked Instagram shot

Okay, it’s settled. We’re leaving retouching in 2019. 2020 is going to be all about going au naturel, both in real life and on social media. Ashley Graham set the example by posting an unedited photo of her naked pregnant body on Instagram, and like, we didn’t think we could stan her any more than we already do. However, this photo just made us realize the limit does not exist.

"open to surrender || caught by angel mama @cassblackbird," Graham captioned her Friday, December 27th, Instagram shot. Photographer Cass Bird posted the same image with the caption, "@ashleygraham true force of nature #ilovehotmoms."

Emily Ratajkowski commented four heart-eye emojis on Graham’s post. Christy Turlington Burns added, “Warrior Woman,” and Whitney Cummings wrote, “My new screensaver.” Same.

The power emanating from this image must be something that is absorbed several times per day.

Not only is Graham’s baby bump on full display, but so are her cellulite, stretch marks, back rolls, and all the bits that make humans human. The image may be shocking to some because we’ve become so accustomed to seeing retouched photos that have completely erased any skin texture and “problem areas” that may remind the viewer that the person in the photo is just like us.

But Graham is singlehandedly trying to flip this entire Photoshopping phenomenon. Her pregnant body is helping her normalize, well, the way bodies really look in general.

Graham and her husband of nine years, Justin Ervin, are expecting their baby to arrive in the new year. We’ve loved watching Graham grow to love her new pregnant body, and we’re looking forward to all the positive, unretouched content that pops up on her Instagram account after baby arrives.

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