Ashley Graham tosses conventional wedding guest wear out the window, slays in leather

Always one to stay true to her conviction, whether they be fashion-related or otherwise, Peoplestyle reports reveal that Sports Illustrated model Ashley Graham wore leather to her sister’s wedding instead of traditional formalwear. Unsurprisingly, the professional model managed to pull off the unconventional wedding attire with a stylish ease that likely made other wedding guests wonder why they even bothered with the black-tie looks.

The newest judge for America’s Next Top Model rolled into her sister’s wedding with the laissez-faire attitude of James Dean, wearing black leather pants, a black bodysuit, a black fur jacket, and a meticulously coiffed high-ponytail. It seems that the bride, her sister, didn’t mind Graham’s loose interpretation of wedding attire.

She posted photos on her Instagram of herself acting as an impromptu photographer for her sister and new brother in-law.

Everyone involved looks happy and beautiful, as they should.

She also posted a sweet photo of herself kissing her bride sister in front of the soft marital backdrop of Lily Lake.

Their outfits are as opposite and complementary as night and day, a dynamic that speaks to many sister relationships.

Naturally, Graham had to take a moment flex her leather wedding look in front of the natural bliss of the Rocky Mountains

It takes a certain kind of woman to pull off leather at a wedding, and Graham fits the bill.

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