Ashley Graham broke her tooth biting a cookie, and you have to see her video

Like so many of us sitting at home and waiting out the pandemic, Ashley Graham finds comfort in treats—specifically, her mother’s oatmeal cookies. But, sadly, her most recent batch of mom’s cookies didn’t do much comforting. Graham broke her tooth biting into a frozen oatmeal cookie, and honestly, what the heck even is the year 2020?

“Shout out to Linda Graham for making the best oatmeal cookies in the world, and putting them in the freezer, and having your daughter break her tooth on them,” Graham said in the June 18th Instagram video before revealing her missing veneer.

For those who aren’t familiar with the veneer process, you must have your actual tooth filed down before a veneer can be placed over your natural tooth. So, when a veneer goes missing…well, Graham will just show you what it looks like.

Are we wrong for laughing? Sorry, Ashley. It’s just t00 much!

Luckily, Graham was able to correct the situation at home. A couple of hours after the initial incident, she updated fans via her Instagram Story that she successfully glued in a new veneer, and her pearly whites were back in business.


Though eating a frozen cookie may seem like a great idea—cold, crunchy, kind of like ice cream—take it from Graham and just don’t do it. (Or be careful!) We have microwaves and toaster ovens for a reason.

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