Ashley Graham’s TikTok Challenge Wants You to Celebrate Your Body’s Strongest, Sexiest Parts

Now this is a trend we can get behind.

Ashley Graham is at it again, hyping us all up with her messages of self-love and body acceptance. This time, she’s doing it through her own wholesome TikTok challenge, which is all about showing love and appreciation to your body. Graham posted the TikTok video over the weekend with the caption, “Have you celebrated yourself today?” calling on everyone to take some time for self-love.

“Self-love challenge, go,” Graham starts, before listing off prompts for different parts of the body. “The strongest part of my body,” Graham says, in a voiceover, while showing off her thighs while wearing a pair of underwear and a brown cardigan. Next, she zooms in on her eyes for “the sexiest part” of her body, then her jawline as her “favorite part of her body,” and her smile as “the most important part” of her body. Finally, for the prompt, “the part of my body I would never change,” Graham shows off her entire body in the mirror, with the word, “EVERYTHING!!!” on the screen.

Graham ends the challenge by encouraging others to join in on the trend. “Okay, now your turn,” she says.

Sure enough, TikTokers took Graham’s lead and used her audio for their own interpretations of the self love challenge. And the results just might be the most wholesome thing we’ve ever seen on the app.

People of all body shapes and sizes have been participating in the trend, with people pointing to everything from their smiles to their *peach emojis* as the favorite parts of their bodies. Even sweeter, though, is that many who have participated have pointed to their hearts and their brains as the “most important” parts of their bodies. See some of the self-loving TikToks below.

Graham also shared a compilation of some of her favorites on her Instagram. “I’m not crying youre crying,” she wrote. “So many beautiful people have been using my sound on TikTok to celebrate their bodies ❤️ take a second today to celebrate yours!”

Whether you choose to take part in the trend or not, let Graham’s self-love challenge be a reminder to give yourself some affirmative words today.

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