Ashley Graham says she wants to be a Bond girl but ONLY if this actor is James Bond

Oh, my gosh. We have exciting news for anyone who loves Ashley Graham (that’s all of us, right?). The stunning model and body activist recently said that she would love to be a BOND GIRL! But there’s an “if.” Graham will only take on the part if her counterpart, James, is one specific actor. Who could it be?

Of course it’s Idris Elba. Who else could it be? And we support this 100%. Can’t you see it?

She told Entertainment Tonight:

“The only way I would be able to be a Bond Girl is if Idris Elba was James Bond."


“He is just so fine,” she also told ET. “He’s confident. He is sexy and he looks like the type of man that just takes charge.”

She’s right. Look at him.

And her:

And him:


Fans of Idris Elba have been pushing for Elba to be Bond for what feels like an eternity. For some reason Sony hasn’t made it happen yet. Back in October, Variety reported that producers were pushing for Daniel Craig to continue the franchise. We love Daniel Craig and all, but we’re pushing for Elba!

Ashley is so game that she is willing to take a pay cut for the role. “I would do it for free,” Ashley says. LOL. She continues, “Don’t tell my agent that, though.”

SOMEONE MAKE THIS HAPPEN, PLEASE AND THANK YOU. Or, you know, we could just have a female Bond also, right?

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