Ashley Graham Joked About Her Postpartum Hair on Instagram, and Moms Feel So Seen

Postpartum baby bangs, come through.

Ashley Graham is rocking a brand new look—it’s called “The Bond Villain,” and it’s all the rage among new moms. Graham, who is mom to a 1-year-old son, took to her Instagram to show off her postpartum baby bangs, and moms are LOL-ing in the comments because most of them have had to rock that same style whether they wanted to or not.

I may not be a bond girl but i can be a bond villain (postpartum baby hairs come through!!!)

Katherine Schwarzenegger, who just welcomed her first child with husband Chris Pratt in August 2020, commented “Omg ME TOO.” Fellow model and mom-to-be Emily Ratajkowski (who is literally due any day now), wrote, “I mean damn you pull it off.” And Insta-famous dermatologist Dr. Shereene Idriss commented, “Lmaoooooooo U at least make it look good! I looked like a pre-pubescent choir child.” LOL.

One of Graham’s followers commented, “Didn’t know this was a thing! Thanks for bringing it to light.” It’s definitely a thing that some new moms can experience, and it’s often caused by an increase in hormones like estrogen and progesterone during pregnancy.

When baby is born, new moms usually see hair loss due to a sudden postpartum drop in hormone levels paired with the stress of caring for a newborn. That lost hair begins to grow back about 15 months after birth, and when it does…well, you can end up looking like a Bond villain, as Graham described.

TBH, it may not be a look Graham wanted, but we agree with Ratajkowski. Somehow, some way, she’s pulling it off like nobody’s business.

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