Ashley Graham’s *Pretty* Excited About Her Postpartum Hair Growth

Just look at how far she's come since the "bond villian" baby bangs stage.

Ashley Graham has been taking us along for her postpartum journey—for all the good, bad, and less-than-cute parts. The model has opened up about everything from wearing disposable underwear as a new mother to dealing with postpartum hair loss. When it comes to her hair regrowth journey, Graham has come a long way since the “bond villain” baby bangs she sported in the past, and she’s celebrating the new development with her followers.

On her Instagram Stories on Tuesday, Graham posted a video showing how long her hair had grown since she last checked in. “Hair update: this is my hair that I lost after Isaac,” she said, brushing down the long pieces of baby hairs in front of her ear.

It’s now grown back. I think I lost it four months postpartum and here we are. He’s 15 months so I guess it’s however many months later.

ashley graham postpartum hair growtth

She also brushed down the hairs on the top of her forehead, showing off the growth. “I think, I think I’m doing pretty good,” she said. “I’m mean, I’m not like pulling it out and making a hairstyle like this, but I’m letting all of you know where I’m at.”

According to the American Pregnancy Association, somewhere between 40% to 50% of mothers experience postpartum hair loss, so Graham’s experience was far from unusual. That said, it’s still rarely talked about.

People were happy to see Graham’s first post about her baby bangs, commenting things like, “Didn’t know this was a thing! Thanks for bringing it to light.” So, we’re glad to see Graham talking about her postpartum hair loss journey and celebrating her growth along the way.

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