Ashley Graham shared photos of her stretch marks to celebrate her postpartum body

Ever since announcing she was expecting her first child last summer, Ashley Graham has been unfailingly open about her experiences with pregnancy, especially when it comes to embracing her changing body. Of course, now she’s a new mother to baby Isaac, but she’s still celebrating and getting real about her postpartum body. Yesterday, she shared a new Instagram selfie of her stretch marks after giving birth two weeks ago.

Graham posted the pic on February 17th, captioning the shot, “same me. few new stories.”

It’s a close-up of her midsection, stretch marks and all. And her message works to remind followers of the realities of how bodies change post-pregnancy—and more importantly, celebrating those changes. Her caption, “same me,” works as a counter to societal messages that imply postpartum bodies need to return to what they looked like before pregnancy as quickly as possible. It’s the kind of photo and message that new moms don’t hear often enough, and we’re sending so many slow claps to the supermodel for sharing it.

Of course, Graham’s 10+ million followers loved the photo, with fellow models like Iskra Lawrence, Lily Aldridge, Joan Smalls, and Karlie Kloss joining in the chorus of praise over Graham sharing the picture and its message. Some called her stretch marks “warrior marks,” “life lines,” and “tiger stripes.”

Plenty of fellow moms shared their own experiences with post-pregnancy body changes.

Some called her stretch marks “warrior marks,” “life lines,” and “tiger stripes.” One commenter called Graham’s photo “such a beautiful map of a life well-traveled,” and we’d fully agree.

In the past few weeks alone, Graham has shared many photos highlighting her life as a new mom, from a breastfeeding photo as she sipped on some coffee to the bathroom selfie in her postpartum disposable underwear. It’s clear that Graham is hoping to shift the narrative surrounding pregnant and postpartum bodies, which often upholds moms to unrealistic (or impossible!) standards of beauty. We’re so here for this and feel grateful for her for being willing to share.

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