Ashley Graham opened up about her “full bush,” because everyone should rock whatever down-there ‘do they want

Ah, the Great Pubic Hair Debate. As soon as we start to grow some, it’s easy to feel like what you do ~down there~ can slowly take over your life. Do you shave? Do you wax? Brazilian or just a bikini? Or, do you just let it grow as it wishes? Recently, Ashley Graham weighed in on her pubic hair woes and, as always, she’s pretty low-key about it. In a recent interview with Glamour magazine, a reader told Graham that she had recently broken up with a long-term boo and stopped getting Brazilians because seriously, that stuff is expensive. She then asked the supermodel, “Am I the only single woman with a bush?” Graham responded in her typical fashion:

“She sounds like my kind of lady. Honey, I have a full bush. Period. It’s about your preference and your partner’s preference,” the 29-year-old supermodel said.

She’s so right. Although we’d even venture to say she’s giving her partner a little too much power here, although Graham’s been with her husband, Justin Ervin, for almost a decade.

Full bush or bare as a baby, your pubic hair is your prerogative.

If you’re single, you should do whatever the heck you want with your pubic hair and own it. If you do get into a relationship and they have a strong opinion about pubic hair either way, it’s obviously fine if you want to take it into consideration. But if they demand a full bush, and you hate the way it feels or looks; or they demand a Brazilian on the regular, and you can’t stand the pain, work it out with yourself.

Likewise, think about how important your partner’s pubes are to you — that’s about how important yours should be for your partner. We can’t imagine anyone breaking up a happy, loving relationship over some pubic hair.

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