Ashley Graham just dropped a major clue that she might be starting a makeup line

Beauty devotees are always looking for hints out in the wild that new products or lines are being developed — who knew that being a makeup junkie would involve some serious detective work? Our friends at have us SHOOK with their theory that Ashley Graham might be starting a makeup line, and after reading their theories, we have to say that we concur.

Ashley has proven herself to not only be an incredible model but also a passionate activist, talented designer, and all around badass. A foray into the beauty world would be very well received by fans and beauty lovers alike, since she has impeccable taste and works hard to make fashion and beauty more inclusive.

Glamour concluded that Ashley Graham was giving us hints that she is starting a makeup line after watching this interview.

They point to a specific moment at 22:10 when she mentions that she wants to be a part of the fashion world in a way that might include cosmetics, and then she turns her face and seemingly shows off her stunning highlighter. Could this possibly be a sign?

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It’s certainly not far-fetched to conceive that Ashley might want to dip her toes into the beauty world, as she has been very vocal about her passion for makeup and skin care, and often shares her tips and tricks with her fans. She is a master at using both high- and low-end products to achieve the best results, and even admitted that her secret weapon is Aquaphor.

Ashley Graham is so devoted to makeup and skincare that she even does her own makeup for the red carpet.

She definitely has skillz equal to those of a makeup artist — girlfriend knows what she is doing. She even made an appearance at BeautyCon this year, where she spilled to Refinery29 what some of her favorite products were but ALSO that she would love to start her own cosmetics brand. She told them,

"Being a curvy woman and having never seen a woman who looks like me in a campaign for any of these big cosmetics brands, is heartbreaking. Why not come up with my own? I think it needs to happen."

We’re screaming. This has to be real. Are you as excited to hear this possible news as we are? We all love Ashley so much that not only would be incredibly happy for ourselves because we need this makeup, but we’d be thrilled for her success and new ventures. You better believe we’ve got our ears to the ground waiting to learn as much as possible about what could be headed our way.

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